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Dealing with difficult people


This course develops skills for managing and dealing with difficult people and behaviour in a work environment. You will gain insights into what constitutes difficult people, difficult employees, difficult customers and bad behaviour. You will increase your skill and knowledge in managing negative behaviour and ultimately increase your effectiveness in handling those difficult and challenging situations.

Who should attend

Are you...
• avoiding conversations you know you ought to have?
• losing patience with certain people or personality types?
• having problems giving negative feedback?
• feeling anxious before a difficult conversation?
• thinking of what you "should have" said after the conversation is over?
• wishing you had managed a conversation or an individual differently?
• having trouble managing customers, colleagues or employees?

Then the Dealing with Difficult People Workshop is designed for you and anyone who has to deal with difficult people or difficult issues.


At this workshop, you will learn techniques and strategies that will allow you to handle difficult conversations and difficult people with skill and confidence. You will be engaged in practical and interactive discussion and exercises that will change the way you see and respond to difficult people and difficult situations.

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