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Managing Chaos


Learn to transform unproductive confusion and disorder into controllable challenges.

This workshop equips you with fast, effective tools to plan your day and adjust to shifting priorities and demands—with less stress and greater clarity. You'll leave knowing how to apply the appropriate techniques to alleviate, clarify and eliminate chaos within your control.

This course follows a facilitator led workshop format, with a range of interactive activities, case studies, and models, along with group work, and individual activities.

Who should attend

Anyone facing shifting priorities, expanding workloads, tight deadlines, organizational restructuring, multiple projects and increased uncertainty.


• Identify, analyze and determine priority of your workday
• Use planning to allocate time and energy
• Improve your communication skills
• Manage interruptions and conflicts with greater ease


• What is chaos
• Causes of chaos
• Problem-solving tools
• How to manage changing priorities
• Time Management tools
• Analyze and negotiate how you spend your time
• Employ assertive responses in all situations
• Effectively decline requests from managers, peers and customers
• People issues: how to manage different viewpoints and personalities

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