Our training courses are tailored to the individual needs of the needs of each client. Our clients tell us that it is our attention to their business operations and needs that creates real business benefits for them.  

Our courses are lively, engaging, creative, interactive and enjoyable! 

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Report writing plus


Reports play a vital role in today’s business. Unfortunately we tend to produce reports that are too long, too wordy and difficult to read. This workshop will help you in the preparation and writing of reports.

Over the last 15 years emails have increasingly taken over from traditional written communications. The final part of the course examines how to communicate effectively using email.


A How to write a report
1. Clearing up some myths
2. Why many reports aren’t read
3. The four stage model
- Think
- Plan
- Write
- Check

B Emails
1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
2. Deadly sins of working with email
3. No-nos
4. 5 ways to make email work for you
5. Email @ work
6. Netiquette

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