Our training courses are tailored to the individual needs of the needs of each client. Our clients tell us that it is our attention to their business operations and needs that creates real business benefits for them.  

Our courses are lively, engaging, creative, interactive and enjoyable! 

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Step up to management


This highly practical workshop will cover the essential skills needed to take the next step from supervisor to manager.

Moving into management can be daunting. This workshop will give new managers and those aspiring to move into management the skills they need to "step up" and become highly effective.

Who should attend

If you have recently stepped up to a management role, are a team leader or supervisor wanting to upskill or a business owner responsible for staff this course is for you.


All about you:
Behaviour, attitude and performance
Characteristics of leaders
Personal SWOT
Time management

All about the team:
Motivating individuals and teams
Training and coaching

All about the organisation:
Team and organisational SWOT

Making it happen:
Goal setting and prioritising
Reporting to upper level management

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