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TetraMap - harvesting the power of natural differences


TetraMap is a high impact, cost effective tool that will optimize engagement, improve performance and reduce conflict. It is a model that maps nature’s basic elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire and uses the metaphor of nature to look at the nature of human behaviour.
The model provides insight into what different people bring to a situation and increases understanding of different perspectives and preferences. These insights enable individuals to quickly identify the impact of behaviour on performance and engagement.

TetraMap is a life-long learning tool to support success. It is an effective way to get people working more collaboratively and productively and can focus on performance, communication, conflict, customer service, sales, team development or planning.

TetraMap's principles are to:
• value diversity
• work inter-dependently
• create synergy
• be sustainable

Developed in New Zealand, TetraMap has been successful in helping people from all walks of life both in New Zealand and internationally, working across cultures.

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